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Printing is one of the oldest professions and through the years, it has seen many changes. True printing is an art form produced by skilled masters of the trade. While new technologies and trends have added to the industry, it has also made the “true” print shop a rarity. Things like gang runs and color printers may have made printing more accessible, however, it has also diminished the overall quality of the print. Weak color matching, uninspiring finishes and uniform form factors have become the normal product offerings from today’s print providers. As one of the true remaining printing companies, Imaging by O is committed to providing the highest quality to our customers. We print for impact, not for cost.

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Every business utilizes some form of printing. Whether you use a chain or the local guy on the corner, ask yourself who is taking care of whom? Do you have a dedicated account representative that knows you and your business? Can you sit and discuss in private in an office and have a chat vs standing over a counter in public? Are your jobs dropped off for free any time or do you always have to pick them up? A consistent loyal customer should be treated as such not just like a number or an invoice.  Imaging by O, was born with the simple understanding that customers are our most important assets. We provide dedicated support and offer free local delivery as an added value to our family of customers.

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