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Industrial Printing

At Imaging by O, we specialize in printing for Industries. Our processes and equipment are geared toward supporting the needs of businesses vs individuals. We specialize in B2B, from account management to multiple production centers for order fulfillment.

Featured Industries


a. Wig Boards
b. Employee Handbooks
c. Room Service Menus
d. Amenity Forms
e. Lobby & Room Décor


a. Menus
b. Handouts
c. Wall Decor
d. Door Hangers
e. Floor Graphics

Other Markets

1. Packaged Goods

a. Labels
b. Packaging
c. Store displays

8. Travel Leisure

a. Ad Copy
b. Direct Mail
c. Identity

15. Investment/Brokerage

a. Direct Mail
b. Signage
c. Identity

2. Medical/Pharma

a. Mini Folders
b. POS Standees
c. PoP Publication Inserts

9. Automotive

a. Signage
b. Mail Campaigns
c. Sign Identity

16. Security/Protection

a. IDS
b. Product Labels
c. Packaging

3. Publishing, Non-Newspaper

a. Magazines
b. One Demand Books
c. Periodicals

10. Food Service

a. Package
b. Signage
c. Menus

17. Logistics/Freight

a. Signage
b. Box Label
c. Print Adhesives

4. Telecommunications

a. Vehicle Wraps
b. Identity
c. Laminated static clings

11. Entertainment

a. Posters
b. Ticketing
c. Merchandise

18. Computer/Electronics

a. POS/POP Displays
b. Inserts
c. Fabric

5. Parking/Insurance

a. Direct Mail
b. Event Intercepts
c. Ad specialties

12. Fashion

a. Direct Mail Catalogs
b. Handouts
c. Backdrops

19. Earning/Wagering

a. Loyalty COD
b. Chart Boards
c. OEM Labels

6. Health Provider

a. Print signage
b. Direct Mail
c. Identity

13. Personal Care

a. Flex Packaging
b. Labeling
c. Direction Signage

20. Education/Private

a. Publishing
b. Posters
c. Displays

7. Real Estate

a. Lawn signs
b. Postcard Mailing
c. Identity

14. Discount Retail

a. Print Catalogs
b. Display Signage
c. Catalogs

21. Beverages

a. Identity
b. Packaging
c. Point of sale

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